Technology Audit

The audit provides the management of the company with an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as potential points for improvement. The outcome of this audit will help the participating company to set up action plans to enhance their productivity, improve their technology management capabilities and move up the value chain. There are many other interesting aspects of the Technology Audit results, findings, recommendations and follow-up activities that companies will find useful in their efforts to become more competitive, innovative and productive and
to make their products more accessible to the market.

Audit participants will have the opportunity to work with SIRIM in upgrading their technology capabilities, exploring potential improvements such as through mechanization, automation and upscaling. Participants will also be assessed on their companies’ readiness to undertake R & D and to identify relevant areas of R & D that will benefit the company in the long term.

SIRIM will work with various partners through Industrial Centres of Innovation (IC-I) in order to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to the participants. Efforts have been started to link the technology audit with available incentives provided by various organisations related to the SME
development in Malaysia.